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United Shapes is a modern company building the future of snowboarding. We’re lifelong snowboarders, deeply entrenched in its history and lifestyle. We believe that it is our responsibility to honor those roots, chart a route into the future, and continue to have a positive impact on the culture we love. United Shapes is a true labor of love, 100% owned and operated by three good friends who love snowboarding.

We’ve taken the time to focus on the important things, gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of the role snowboarding plays in our lives.

Snowboarding creates immense opportunities for growth; a space to step into and clear our busy minds.

Roll with nature, discover new places and new sensations. Search out expression and joy. Smile at the snow that falls from the sky, that un-touched pocket to the side of the groomer, the moment of weightlessness as you float over the lip.

These micro moments are so simple, but they are the ropes that bind us to snowboarding. Never take those moments for granted. Seek out as many as we can and find joy in simplicity.